Food Trend…Smoothie Bowls

I am one of those people who follows all the beautiful food pages on Instagram and loves how everything looks but is not sure if I would love how it tasted. Well recently I ordered lunch from a restaurant called Bowls. The menu consisted of a few protein bowls, a few grain bowls, and a ton of smoothie bowls. Well with me being curious about the beautiful smoothie bowls I ordered two of them. One was called the Super Green Smoothie and consisted of spinach, kale, ginger, apple, cucumber, coconut milk, strawberries, toasted almonds, bananas, pepitas, apple cider, and lemon juice.


I thought this one was going to be gross but the banana and coconut milk made it naturally sweet and the almonds added the perfect crunch to it. This bowl was very good for a meal and I felt sufficiently full. To anyone who is wanting to try a smoothie bowl or just a healthy smoothie look for ones with banana because it adds the perfect amount of sweetness in order to cover the tart kale and spinach tastes.

The second bowl I tried was called the Berry Acai Smoothie Bowl. This bowl consisted of acai, banana, blueberry, raspberry, strawberry, almond milk, ginger agave, lemon juice, coconut, and granola. I should also mention that both of these bowls were vegan and gluten-free which was a nice touch.


Looking at the ingredients I really thought that this bowl would be much tastier than the green smoothie one but it turned out to be quite bland. The mix of all the berries really had no taste and by the time it got to me the granola wasn’t very crunchy so the texture was off as well.

Overall I think smoothie bowls are a little much, why can’t we just stick with normal smoothies? But they do make for a wonderful picture and generally I think they taste good and add many healthy foods to out diet. Let me know if theres any other recipes or restaurants I should try for these!!


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