My Simplistic Skin Care


I, like many others, have a full drawer of face serums, wrinkle masks, and moisturizers I bought but have really never used. I use them on occasion but I also think that putting too much on my skin isn’t the best idea; especially with some of the ingredients that are in those products. I have used many glam glow masks and absolutely love those but I normally use those once or twice a week so it didn’t seem like something I should put in my normal skin care routine. I also just recently finished a tub of the Drunk Elephant Lala Retro Whipped Cream but did not use that on a daily basis either; thought I would definitely recommend it for those in that price range.

The products I reach for everyday and actually use everyday are affordable and do exactly what they say. I start out with the St.Ives Black Head Clearing Scrub (Target $3.95). This scrub has micro exfoliants within a green tea scrub which is the perfect consistency. Since starting to use it about two months ago I have seen the patches of flakey dry skin disappear and my blackheads are completely gone. It really helps to get rid of dead skin cells and clean deep within the pores.

I then move onto my moisturizer which is Queen Helene Shea Butter (Sally Beauty $5.99). This is a very thick moisturizer so I would not recommend it to those with oily skin. I, myself, have normal to dry skin and it works wonders for me. I apply this all over my face and down my neck as well; a thin layer in the morning for under makeup, and a thicker layer at night. In addition to really deeply moisturizing it also smells amazinggg!!! I have been using this for almost a year now and although I still get dry spots once in a while it has made my skin much more supple, it has helped it look much healthier, and it doesn’t make me break out at all.

The last thing pictured above is not really considered a skin care product but i use it as one and as a fake tan for my face. I get airbrush tans quiet often but stray away from getting them on my face because it just clogs the pores and makes me break out. Obviously getting a spray tan on my body and not on my face makes my face much paler than the rest of me and since I am not someone who likes to put on foundation everyday I had to find a solution for this. My solution was using Infinity Sun Glow on the Go ($40 on the infinitysun website). I know $40 is a little more pricey but the spray can lasts me about two months so I think it is well worth it. This glow on the go matches my dark spray tan color perfectly, doesn’t clog pores, and has many skin benefits such as essential oils and antioxidants. This really helps to get a healthy glow to my face and even out my skin tone without makeup.

Let me know your holy grail skin care products, I would love to try them out!

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