Travel Plan for the Next Year?

In my life I have gone on many family vacations and a few with friends but only to recurrent places that aren’t too far away. I get very bored going through the same routine day in and day out, so a resolution of mine this year is to travel more and do whatever I find interesting. That being said, I have many specific places that I would love to travel.

The Exuma Cays, The Bahamas

This is a place I have been wanting to visit ever since I heard about it. Ever since I was young I have wanted a pet pig because of their intelligence and loving nature; this also contributed to me being a vegetarian. Not to mention, that beautiful clear water and island scenery! Many people who travel to this island also feed the rock Iguana’s which would be a very enjoyable additive. The beautiful wild life that can be found here is reason alone to want to visit for weeks on end. Of course the wonderful nightlife and restaurants is a welcomed bonus.

“Monkey City” Lopburi, Thailand

Continuing on with the animal lover trips is “Monkey City” in Thailand. There was a show that use to be on (and is not on Netflix) called “An Idiot Abroad,” where this man, who was not a fan of trying new things, got sent all over the world to do things that were on other people bucket lists. Well, on this show he got sent to Thailand and more specifically Monkey City; that is what sparked my interest to go here. The monkeys are said to be very friendly and sweet but will definitely steal any food they can see. Although there are many place I would like to visit in Thailand, such as the elephant sanctuary and all the places where they help the homeless dogs, this place is on the top of my list.

Gatlinburg, TN

Moving back closer to home here is Gatlinburg, TN. As a child I took a few trips with my family here and completely loved it! With a great entrance into the Smokey Mountains National Park this little city has the perfect balance of tourism and that small town homey feeling. There is a beautiful aquarium right in the entrance to main street which is lined with wonderful restaurants and shops. The mountains are so scenic and the wildlife is wonderful to see. I would recommend this trip to anyone who feels they need a little break in life.

Grand Canyon National Park (Arizona)

This seems to be a place on many peoples bucket lists. It’s easy to see why with the breath taking views and the rich history. Last year my cousin went here for her engagement photos and they were the most beautiful photos ever, which is honestly what sparked my interest to go here; because who doesn’t love a wonderful photo op. On the other hand I would like to see all of our national landmarks within my lifetime just to have that accomplishment, and this seems like a good place to start.


This one is a little more generic since I am just set on going to this island, not doing anything specific. I am not someone who even likes warm weather so I have no idea why all the places on my travel list are in warm climates but I had to add this one. Not only is it on the cheaper side of a luxury vacation but the hotels and bungalows are like nothing I’ve ever seen; amazing. I feel that this would be, probably the most relaxing vacation I could ever go on and everyone needs time for relaxation.

Well I hope to accomplish these travel goals in the coming year and add onto them as well. Let me know what your travel aspirations are!!

Images Credit: Google Images

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