Must Have Eyeshadow Palettes

I do not wear eyeshadow everyday, but when I do wear it I go all out. I’m talking neon smokey eye, glitter everywhere, or a classic bold red with gold. I have tried out so many expensive as well as inexpensive eyeshadow palettes and I think I have finally settled on the ones I really need and want in my makeup collection all the time.

Carli Bybel & BH Cosmetics

I have watched Carli’s youtube for years and she is a master at makeup; and everything else it seems :). As soon as her palette came out I had to buy one. On first impressions I really loved the pice at $12.50 and all the warm colors that were in this!! The shadows blended so easily and the pigment is simply amazing!! The lightest highlighter worked perfectly with my skin tone and gave me a blinding glow. However, the other three highlighters were definitely for darker skin tones (aka not me) so I couldn’t use those very well, but they do work well as eyeshadows too! When I first got the palette I got it from Ulta but it seems now you can only get it from poshmark and such sites.

Kylie Cosmetics Bronze Palette

After all the hype with Kylie cosmetics I thought I would at least try one palette. And then one palette turned into every palette…but this one was by far my favorite. If you can see the trend already I love warmer color palettes and this one had all the colors I needed for a more natural basic look. The bronze palette I ordered on the cosmetic brands site for $42, a steep price but it lasted me forever. The lightest color worked great as a base and the darkest one even worked great as a liner! If you are looking to try this brand out I would definitely suggest this palette.

BH Cosmetics Baked Galaxy Palette

Another BH Cosmetics Palette?! YES!! This brand has some amazing shadows at a wonderfully low price and so many people don’t even know about it. This palette is all shimmers and sparkling shadows but it has so many colors that it is easy to use with any eye look. This palette is $11.99 at the BH Cosmetics website and it is well worth it; the shadows last forever!! I will say that without some fix plus or something on the brush there isn’t a ton of pigment but if you wet the brush first you will see pure, blinding sparkle.

Smashbox Full Exposure Palette

This palette retails for $52 from Sephora. It is the most expensive in this list but there is good reason for that. Smashbox is a well known cosmetic line with a very good reputation and it continues on with this palette. As you can see this palette adds mostly cool colors to my collection which is crazy but needed. I always like to add in one or two cool colored shadows for my eye looks in order to balance them out.

Morphe Bronzed Mocha Palette

Morphe is another known brand, however I find they are most well known for their brushes, not their palettes. The Bronzed Mocha Palette is my favorite by them, it retails at $18 on Yes, it is another warm toned palette but hey I like what I like. For this palette I really liked the darker warm colors, the reds and chocolate browns really caught my eye. I actually gifted this palette to many people for Christmas and they all loved it as well! So its a win across the board. They blend so easily and have amazing pigment, so for the price it is an amazing deal!!

Although I would like to write about so many other palettes I will save that for another post since these are the five that I always have in my collection. What are your favorite eye shadow palettes of all time?!

Images: Google Images

Instagram: @alexyss.mua

Youtube: Alexyss MUA


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