Favorite Foundations

I am one of those people who has a different favorite foundation or every occasion and season. That has caused me to collect a large number of foundations from various brands, with various amounts of coverages and finishes. I cleaned out my makeup few days ago and was able to really pin point my favorite foundations which has really helped streamline my morning routine; thank god! So I thought it would be the perfect time to share my favorite foundations with you, here it goes.

Urban Decay All Nighter (Shade 0.5)


Ulta: 24 Shades, $40 1.0oz Bottle

The All Nighter Foundation is a full coverage, matte finish, waterproof, long wear liquid foundation. This is the most full coverage foundation I have and I love it! Not for everyday but definitely for nights out, a wedding, or another major event this is perfect. The coverage is flawless with only one layer and it doesn’t feel too heavy. I have tested the water proof aspect as well! When I use to have bad skin but still wanted to go to waterparks and the beach with my friends I first tried this out. It really is water proof and not the weird smeary kind of water proof that makeup normally is; just plain water proof. I now only use this on special occasions or in winter (because it is one of my palest foundations) but I will always keep it in my collection for those times.

DermaBlend Leg and Body Cover (Light)


Ulta: 12 Shades, $34 3.4oz Bottle

The Leg and Body Cover is a very high color and long lasting foundation originally made for tattoo coverage. This also came into my collection when I had fairly bad skin problems. I had been researching which foundation was the most full coverage and lightweight and up came this one. Since it is originally for body coverage the foundation does not smear at all once set and it is very long wearing. This is another one i use mroe for special occasions or full glam tutorials (normally not in the summer hence the light shade.) One layer is always enough for me and the bottle lasts forever!!

Anastasia Beverly Hills Stick Foundation (Natural, Warm)


Sephora: 30 Shades, $25 .32oz Stick

This foundation has a customizable coverage (light to full) with a natural looking finish. I normally put three lines of foundation on my cheeks and two on my forehead which ended up giving me a medium coverage when blended out. I really loved the finish because it wasn’t matte but it wasn’t dewy, it just looked healthy! I have this one in my tan shade because I find that stick foundations are much quicker to put on and in the summer I always seem more rushed to get ready. However, it is for more oily skin therefore I don’t think I would be able to use it in the winter because of my dry skin.

Wet’n’Wild PhotoFocus Foundation (Golden Beige)


Ulta: 20 Shades, $3.59 1.0oz Bottle

I used this one in my first makeup post about my quick and affordable routine. This foundation is one that prevents flashback because of its matte and light diffusing formulation. I love using this for events in the summer because of that effect and it always matches my fake tan perfectly! This foundation is the cheapest I have ever tried and from previous wet’n’wild purchases I was kind of hesitant but all the raving reviews made me buy it; and for $4 why not?! I instantly loved it!! The coverage was perfect to cover redness and create an airbrush finish, I would highly recommend this one!!

Make Up Forever Ultra HD Foundation (Y205)


Sephora: 39 Shades, $43 1.01oz Bottle

This foundation is a medium but buildable coverage perfect for any skin type; depending on your primer routine. I cannot remember what youtuber I was watching but she used two shades of this foundation and made her skin look airbrushed, thats when I knew I had to try it out. Make Up Forever is one of my favorite brands for mascara but I had never really tried out their foundations until this one and I love it!! I normally only use the medium coverage look for a more everyday makeup routine and this one is very hydrating and feels like nothing is on the skin.

Maybelline Dream BB Cream Pure (Medium)


Ulta: 3 Shades, $8.99 1.0oz Bottle

This BB cream is a skin clearing one, its 8 promised benefits are:

-Clears Acne

-Conceals Imperfections

-Minimizes Look of Pores

-Reduces Appearance of Redness

-Adjusts to Skin Tone

-Hydrates and Smooths

-Enhances and Clarifies Skin

-Oil-free, lightweight feel

I can confidently say it does all of these. Which is something that I find isn’t true for many BB creams sadly. They promise a lot but do not deliver. This one however has helped clear breakouts, conceals my pores and adjusts to my perfect shade. For only $8.99 it lasts me about a month since with a BB cream not a lot of product is needed. It has become my daily go to in a very short period of time.

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6 thoughts on “Favorite Foundations

  1. I am new into makeup. I am a man who wants to learn. With stick foundation how do you blend it ? This was a good post and thought I could learn from you


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