Four Favorite Books

I use to be an avid reader…use to. Lately I have been writing and doing much more so than reading. However, I do have quite a lot of books and many I have reread multiple times.

The Stand by Steven King

steven king.jpg

I am a lover of all things horror which also means all things Steven King; movies and books. I, of course, love ‘IT’ and other classics but ‘The Stand’ is by far my favorite. Even from the first page it has a very ominous feeling to it and it is so engulfing that you end up reading for hours on end without knowing it. The basis of this book is that there is a disease that is killing everyone and these few people who haven’t caught it get brought together. That’s really all I can say because the characters are so intriguing and unpredictable that in order to understand you really have to read it for yourself.

The History of the World in 6 Glasses by Tom Standage

tom standage.png

I am a huge history geek. I love to watch any documentary and read any book on world history. This one was brought to my attention by my teacher in my high school AP World History class. I went and bought this as soon as he mentioned it and I read through it in one night. It is much shorter than the Steven King book and all fact based but it is a really good read. They go through the 6 main time periods in world history and relate them to wine, beer, tea, etc. To say the least it is a very interesting concept and I would like to see more books with a structure like this.

Assholes: A Theory by Aaron James


A very eye catching title, but the content is even better. This a philosophy book, a theory on what it means for someone to be an asshole in today’s society. I am a sucker for a good philosophy book (it is my college major) and this one is by far the most interesting one I have read. I really have no idea on how to explain it but it is worth the read. Once again not a super long book but definitely a book for everyone.

Serial Killers by Charlotte Greig

serial killers.jpg

Not only am I a fan of the made up horror but also of every true crime category. I love true crime books, documentaries, TV shows, all of it. ‘Making a Murderer’, ‘The Confession Tapes’, and ‘Mind Hunter’ are some of my favorite series of all time; but I’ll do another post on that. This book goes through the different categories of serial killers such as angel of death, mission oriented, power seekers, etc. Within these categories she then lists off the stories of the most famous in each field. It is an easy read but definitely a page turner.

I am trying to get back into reading a lot so hopefully I will be able to post updated favorite books or something along those lines soon!

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