My Hair Extensions

Without hair extensions my hair goes to right past my shoulders when wavy. Which I really love sometimes! But other time I want the look of more luxurious long black hair, thats when I grab my Luxy Hair Extensions. I first came across this brand because I was following Pia Muehlenbeck on Instagram. For those who don’t know, she is a gorgeous influencer who also works with her fiancé on amazing travel vlogs. Well she also seems to be an ambassador and frequent user of Luxy Hair Extensions which is how I came to love them.

When I get my hair dyed black (it is naturally white blonde so it is quite a lot) I go for a color that is supposedly a soft black but always seems to come out more of a jet black. However, this works great for these extensions since they have off black or jet black. The exact extensions I order are the #1 Jet Black 20″ 160g full head set. Because of my naturally thick hair this weight and length blend perfectly but are still not too heavy.

Before discovering this amazing brand I tried so many different, cheaper extensions which would have a weird texture, be too thin, or just pull on my hair far too much. I am now a full believer that you really get what you pay for and if you want natural looking extensions it is a better idea to spend more once. These do last as well!! So it is not like you are throwing away money. I have had mine for over a year now and with proper care it still looks like the first day I opened them; with a little styling of course.

If you are in the market for amazing hair extensions that last and are worth the money you should really go check out their site. Another added bonus is that they have a 60 day return policy so no harm, no foul, right?

Instagram: @alexyss.mua

Youtube: Alexyss MUA


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