Hair Color Review

Needless to say I have had many hair colors; light blonde, honey blonde, dark blonde, chocolate brown, dark brown, bright red, maroon, purple, and black. I, like so many others, love to experiment with my hair color but after trying out all of these I think I have a pretty good idea of what works for me. So let’s get into reviewing these hair colors!!

Light Blonde

white blonde hair.jpg

When I say light blonde I mean ligggghhhhtttt, like white blonde. I had this color over the summer and with my pale skin I looked like a vampire. I did like it but I would probably lean for it more for winter since then being pale as hell would not be as noticeable. I did have it while getting a fake tan once…and let me tell you white hair does not look right with a dark tan. It looks very fake and far too eye catching (in a bad way). If you are looking to try out this hair I would suggest trying it out with natural skin tone first to see how it works with you overall. Also it is quite damaging if your natural hair is not already light; that much bleach is never good for hair. I went from honey blonde to white blonde so it wasn’t crazy drastic and it didn’t kill my hair.

Honey Blonde

golden blonde.jpg

This is closer to my natural color, although my natural color is a bit lighter. I think as far as blonde shades go I liked this one the most. It looked very natural with my skin tone and gave me a bit of warmth. This color was much more universal than the very light blonde because it could still look natural with a tan. Since this was the first time I dyed my hair and it was darker than my natural color it happened very easily and didn’t damage it. I think that this is a color that would really look good on anyone because it can go from lightly golden to very golden therefore it works with most undertones and skin shades.

Dark Blonde

dark blonde.jpg

Least favorite out of blonde shades! I only had this hair color for about a month before I felt I had to get rid of it. It looked more like a dirty hair color to me with my skin tone. I think it works well with people who have an olive skin tone but on my super pale skin it did not work. I did not try a fake tan with this one simply because I disliked it so much. Even if I liked it with a fake tan I did not want to have to always have a tan to like my hair color.

Chocolate Brown

chocolate brown.jpg

Out of every hair color I have ever had, this was my favorite. I should be more specific that this with golden blonde highlights was my favorite. The warm hair colors bring a lot of life to my fave and look great with a subtle tan; thats when I look healthiest. But it also looks nice with very pale skin because it brings that warmth on its own. I am definitely considering going back to this color soon. It looked the most dimensional and natural on me, even more so than my natural hair color. I think this is a color for all skin tones because it is right in the middle of color spectrum and adding highlights or lowlights is so easy.

Dark Brown

dark brown.jpg

I had this hair color very early on when I knew nothing about doing my eyebrows. That might not seem very detrimental but my natural eyebrow color is white blonde, extremely light. So I had very dark hair with very light eyebrows and it was a disaster. On anther note I just didn’t like the cool toned brown as much because I felt it made me look older and didn’t blend well with the rest of my look. This is not one I would go back to without some serious convincing. I think there is a certain look or skin tone you have to have for the cool toned hair to blend with you well, and I just don’t have that.



I am an avid lover of Jaclyn Hill and her very red hair made me want to try this. I ended up going a little brighter than I wanted but I thought it was edgy and I loved it! However, it is so much work to keep this hair color going. I had to dye my hair almost every two weeks to keep the shade I wanted and that is way too much. Needless to say my hair needed a lot of conditioning treatments and I had to cut it quite short at that time. I would love to try another bright color like this but I don’t have the time or hair strength to keep it going.



After the realization of how much up keep the red was I went onto a darker one; maroon. This one was very nice and it worked great for the fall season I had it in. I really liked it but my roots still shown like crazy and the color faded fairly quickly. I would say the same that I did with the red hair. It was beautiful but I do not have the time for that, although I wish I did.



This was actually an accidental hair color. I went into the salon and asked for a deep cherry red and this what I walked out with. I wasn’t happy about it but I also wasn’t too angry with it because it worked well. My boyfriend absolutely loved it! I am not sure why but this is his favorite hair color I have ever had. I don’t think I would be running back to it anytime soon but it was okay well it lasted. It also faded to a very nice lavender which I loved even more than the original hair color.

Soft Black


This is the hair color I have right now and the color I have my extensions in which has made me stick with it a little longer. I like it when I am tan the most. It looks great with a dark tan. It also looks good with my natural pale skin I believe; however I do look kind of creepy sometimes…a little like the girl from the ring. But none the less I have had it for almost a year now and I think I will keep it for a little longer just so that my hair can grow longer with less damage to it. Bonus it also looks great when I am wearing all black, a very sleek look to it.

Prospective Colors…

I thought I might as well add this at the end. I am looking to change my hair color in the next few months and am thinking about a few in particular. The first being the trend of gray hair. I really love how it looks and I would like to try it out for a while just to see. My other option is going back to chocolate brown and I think this would also be a great color to go back to. Let me know what your favorite hair colors are and what ones you would like to try out!

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