Icon: Kourtney Kardashian

It is Kourtney Kardashian’s birthday so what better day to praise her style, beauty, and lifestyle. The icon goes on after another year of absolute greatness. She is always looking flawless and we should just take a post to completely appreciate that.

KK .jpg

This picture from one of her beautiful Instagram posts about Japan where her style looks just perfect!! She rocks those red pants like no one else ever could.


Looking flawless in a basic color block dress and that gorgeous fur coat.

Her casual style that is complete GOALS!!

And the perfect dresses she wears!

KK B.jpg

Looking flawless from her photo shoot. (My favorite instagram post of hers this year)

KK B2.jpg

Her self done makeup selfies are perfect beyond belief.

KK B3.jpg

Her confidence in even a plain dress is astounding.

KK B^.jpg

Her fashion taste is impeccable and will forever be iconic.

Moving on from Scott…

…to this amazing man.

And forever being a great mom!

Instagram: @alexyss.mua

Youtube: Alexyss MUA


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