Go For It

I think that so many people live unhappy in their life because they think they can’t do what they want, or can’t get where they want to be, or are just too scared to jump and go for it. I am currently transitioning from one of those people. I have followed the track of getting retail jobs and working my way through college but I hate where I am at.

That is the main reason I started this blog. I looked at other people who made it on youtube, a blog, an instagram through traveling and talking about what they love and really wished I could get that for myself. Well now I realized that I have to stop wishing and just work towards it. Even though I am starting at the bottom with only 16 followers right now, at least I am starting somewhere.

No one knows I am doing this either. I posted my first youtube video, created this site, and created a new instagram without my boyfriend, friends, or family knowing because I am so scared of failing.

I love writing, I love what I am writing about, but its only been a week and I don’t know if this is going to turn into anything and I also don’t know how long I will have this motivation. But I would rather have a regret than a what-if. And in all honesty, I don’t think I am going to regret this because I think I can do it; well hope I can at least.

I share a lot more on here than I really ever would with my family and friends which is weird and scary at the same time. However, this is the one thing that has keep me interested the longest (I know thats sad since its only been a week). I wake up in my dorm room and don’t wanna get up for my job or classes because they make me anything but happy and thats not where I want my life to end up. But writing here has really helped give me something to get up and do right away; something I really want to do.

I watch Tati Westbrook on Youtube and in one of her videos she said something along the lines of, if you have even the smallest feeling that something could turn into something big then don’t wait, start now. That is the thing that really got me started. Seeing where all these people started from and hearing them talk about how they always wanted to be where they are at now but never thought it would happen was inspirational. That is the mindset I want to be at in a few years; looking back and finally seeing it was all worth it. But I never know, I could still be in school in a few years or working a job I dread everyday of my life; but god, I hope not!

I am kinda just venting and writing whatever comes to my mind right now but if thats where I get some content from and how I will get my mind cleared, then let it happen. Many people probably don’t like these random posts where I just talk about what is on my mind but it keeps me motivated. Try it, just write down what you think about your life and where you would like to to be in a month, a year, and then work on it hard. Goals make things so much easier to understand and then reaching even a small one boosts your confidence like crazy.

I use to be someone who would laugh at dreams other people had because we were just high school kids from a smaller city and I didn’t think any of that was possible. Now I am someone who encourages even the smallest, craziest whim. Dreams aren’t things that are unattainable, they just take hard work and determination. If you have a big dream, or someone you know does then just put it out there, work towards it, and encourage everyone you can along the way.

Getting negativity out of my life is at the top of my list for goals. I think that is a great and attainable place to start for me. If negativity is gone then I will have a much better time working towards things. Well I think I am done writing down thoughts and ranting for the time being. Let me know your dreams, your plans, your fears, or anything else…let’s achieve together because there is no better way.

Instagram: @alexyss.mua

Youtube: Alexyss MUA


3 thoughts on “Go For It

  1. Hi! I completely understand where you’re coming from. This is also my first week blogging and its still a work in progress as I don’t currently have many post yet. I appreciate your post and totally agree about giving something a chance rather then sitting on a “what-if.” You just never know how something will turn out unless you give it that chance, thats a reminder I give myself everyday. Let’s follow each other!

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