Shoe Dazzle Haul

As a college student I look for deals on most things I buy; this includes shoes that I don’t need. Therefore, I have started buying from Shoe Dazzle quite a bit and I really like it! I just did another haul of heels that I don’t need for any practical reason but why not have them for future use? (At least thats how I justify it to myself)


Esperanza Glam Pump ($42.95)

I have been looking at this one for so, so long. I really love black heels and with the intricate gold heel I just couldn’t resist. This would only really work for a wedding or an award thing of some sort but non the less I will find a place to wear these!!


Valerie Embellished Back Pump ($39.95)

Here I go again with the intricate back…but it just adds so much personality, don’t you think? these seem a little more practical to me because its not bright gold, its beads. I think I could get by with wearing this to a nice dinner or something along those lines. But honestly, who cares I am gunna wear these whenever I damn well please.


Monique Lace Detailed Stiletto Pump ($39.95)

Breaking away from the black pumps for a minute, I really love the pale pink color. I have another pair by them that I bought a very long time ago in this same color and I wear it so much all summer. These are much more casual and I can justify wearing these with jeans in the summer or spring and I definitely will be doing that.


Candace Caged Stiletto Heel ($42.95)

This is a change for me. I would normally never pick a white shoe just because of how quickly I would get them dirty; and sadly that will still probably happen. But the silver cage in these shoes really caught my eye and i think they would go great with a black dress or even black jeans and I have tons of those two outfits.


Donatella Buckle Strap Pump ($42.95)

The color scheme is a little crazy for me on this pair but I have a wedding to go to in July and a dress navy blue body con dress that will match perfectly. I am not sure how often I will really wear these but I have been trying to get a little edgier with my style and this is a safe start for me, so here goes nothing.


Addylin Pearl Detailed Flat ($39.95)

Last but not least is the only flat pair I bought. These looked perfect for a dressy flat when I didn’t want to kill my feet in 4″ heels. The pearl detail just sold it for me because it looks so feminine and dainty.

I think my next shoe post will be a shoe collection post even though it will be far too long. Well what’s your favorite shoe store??

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