Fashion Wishes: Forever 21

So here goes my first shot at a series on my blog. I am going to be doing a fashion wishes post every Monday and Friday starting from now on. I think that this will be a nice a simple way to do fashion posts every week. I also have an ever growing wish list on every shopping app that I have.

For this post I choose to do Forever 21 because it was the first fashion app I found and for affordable summer fashion it can’t be beat. I think that Forever 21 has some very good quality clothes for the prices they offer. So…lets go!!

First things first…Swim suits!! Summer is quickly approaching and I have an over abundance of bikinis but no one pieces!! Therefore this year I am looking to buy a few and have a few stashed in my wishlist.

swim 1.jpg

Surf Vibes One-Piece Swimsuit ($19.90)

This swimsuit would literally never be my style from what I wear on a daily basis. However, it really caught my eye when it popped up on my feed. I think it is conservative enough for me but still trendy and sexy enough to where I would really like to wear it.

swim 2.jpg

Striped Plunging One-Piece Swimsuit ($22.90)

This one is a little more sexy and less functional because of the deep V in the middle but I still love it. Being a short 5’2″ these vertical stripes would help me out wonderfully! Plus the colors would look great with a sun kissed glow!!


Striped Straps Bodycon Dress ($18)

This dress is so simple but I thought with the white and rainbow straps it would be perfect for a festival! Plus, at $18 you cant go wrong.


Pinstriped Halter Maxi dress ($27.90)

This just gave me summery, happy vibes. I really love the pinstripes of blue and white. The ruffles are just an added cutesy bonus.


Striped Crochet Cami ($25)

This shirt looks so airy and that is something that is much needed in the summer. I really loved the crochet details, thats what woulds sell it for me.


High-Low Chiffon Top ($12.90)

This one looks a little more formal to me, which I really like sometimes. The sleeveless, yet sleek look is something I am living for!


High-Rise Striped Ankle Pants ($17.90)

These are another item that looks so business like and I love that!! I think these would look great for really any party in spring or summer. And they also look very airy which is great for keeping cool.


Destroyed Skinny Ankle Jeans ($42)

I am someone who really doesn’t have any distressed jeans at all but the trend is still going strong so I think it might be time. A lot of them I really don’t like because it’s just a little too much but these caught my eye for sure.

What stores should I do next?




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