UD Perversion Mascara Review


This mascara has been out forever but it is a tried and true favorite. From time to time I do dip into my Make Up Forever Excessive Lash but it is not as high quality as this one to me. I have naturally long lashes, thankfully because I cannot do fake lashes very well, but they are naturally white just like my god forsaken eyebrows. So this means that I really look for mascaras that aren’t too heavy but still cover the full length of the lashes. Oh, and one that doesn’t get clumpy because thats never a good look.

Well one Christmas I ended up going shopping with my aunt who is addicted to Urban Decay and she had me try this one out…three years later this is still my #1 mascara.

On Ulta.com a 0.4oz tube of this mascara is $24 which is steep but it lasts long and is well worth it since you don’t have to do multiple coats. The description says…
“Perversion has a creamy, full-bodied texture that’s not too dry, not too wet. This allows just the right amount of “pull” so it glides through lashes. The result: Incredible control for insane lashes. Go ahead and pile on coat after coat. Want to apply more before you go out at night? No problem. Even if it’s been all day since you applied, more Perversion always means more beautiful lashes. It NEVER gets brittle or clumpy.

Perversion Mascara contains Hairdensyl, a complex blend of proteins and amino acids – including marine glycogen, known to stimulate lash growth. Honey extract provides deep nourishment, sea idrolized elastine stimulates the hair follicle, and marine collagen protects.”

I love the “full bodied texture” description that they use, it makes me laugh for some reason. But they are very truthful in saying that it glides through lashes and giving insane lashes; I full heartedly agree with those statements. Hairdensyl sounds like an intense name for something you put on your eyes but it really is tested to help grow lash hairs and keep them healthy instead of falling out. I have had some mascara’s that cause my lashes to fall out like crazy and that is NEVER okay, that means it is very bad for not only your lashes but your eyes as well.

Overall this mascara has been my favorite and I own that in some sense to Urban Decay being a great brand overall. I like many of their products such as their foundations, lipsticks, and more so it only makes sense that I love their mascara. But who knows, there are many new mascara products coming out every month and one of those might take the #1 spot but for now it stays strong with Urban Decay Perversion.


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