Freeman Feeling Beautiful Face Masks

Back in high school I always loved face masks but never had a ton of money, so it was very helpful to find the Freeman face mask brand. They are very affordable, they all range around $5 for a tube from Ulta. They have a huge range of clay and peel off masks that promise to do a variety of things. I have four favorites that I use religiously. These four are the Anti-Stress Dead Sea Mineral Face Mask, the Pomegranate Peel Off Mask, the 10 Minute Charcoal Mask, and the Sweet Tea & Lemon Peel Away Clay Mask.

Freeman Feeling Beautiful Anti-Stress Mask

Jumping right in, the Anti-Stress Dead Sea Mineral Clay Mask promises to replenish and balance moisture while still unclogging pores. The Anti-Stress aspect of this mask comes in with the aromatherapy of lavender and bergamot. I am not sure about the aromatherapy aspect but I can definitely say that doing a face mask in general helps my stress overall. As for the skin helping promises of this mask I think it really delivers. As I have said before I have fairly dry skin, so a lot of face masks irritate that…but this one doesn’t at all. My skin always looks more refreshed and healthy after using this mask.

Freeman Pom.jpg

Freeman Feeling Beautiful Pomegranate Peel-Off Mask

The Pomegranate & Peptides Peel-off mask promises to plump up skin and increase its resiliency while toning to reveal glowing, radiant skin. This is a little higher prices at around $8 because it is their serum-infused line. It is a very sticky consistency but it really feels refreshing once on the skin. It peels in one piece; unlike many other masks I have had the misfortune of trying. I am not sure about my skin glowing after using this mask but I do see and feel refreshed after peeling this off.

freeman black sugar.jpg

Freeman Feeling Beautiful Charcoal Mask

The Charcoal & Black sugar Detoxifying mask promises to moisturize while locking away oils and toxins. Not only that, it also promises to smooth out roughness and fine lines. That is a lot for a $5 mask to promise. However, I have always loved charcoal masks because I firmly believe in the benefits of charcoal for skin and teeth. I have used many other charcoal masks but none end up comparing to this one. This one goes on velvety soft and doesn’t dry too much, just enough. I always see an improvement in my skins texture after using this and that is enough to keep me on board.

freeman lemon .jpg

Freeman Feeling Beautiful Sweet Tea & Lemon Mask

The Sweet Tea & Lemon Clay Peel-off mask promises to do what a clay mask does as well as what a normal peel off mask does; cleanse, absorb oil, tone, and refine. Before trying this mask out I had never really heard of a clay and peel off mask in one, so I was excited to try it out. It definitely has that thick clay feel to it, but it also peels off in one piece…however it hurts a little more when peeling it off. I think it really helps with cleansing and getting rid of unwanted oil but it does not seem to help with texture or lines at all, so that is a bit disappointing.

These are the masks I have used for years and the masks I love intensely, them being on the very affordable side is just a bonus. Let me know your favorite masks!!

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Bye All!!


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