Quick Review: Neutrogena Rapid Clear Leave-on Mask

I have breakouts once in a while and some blemishes weekly and face wash wasn’t working alone for me, so I started using the Neutrogena Rapid Clear Stubborn Acne Leave-on Mask.


At Target for $8.09

I have been using this mask for about 9 months now and am on my 4th tube of it. I use a good sized drop at night and in the morning after washing my face. For the first week or two my skin was pretty sensitive to this because it does have so many acne fighting acids, etc. in it, but after those first two weeks it doesn’t even dry out my skin at all.

I have found that although I still get pimples, I don’t get nearly as many as I use to. I first tried it out because I saw the words stubborn acne in the product title and I knew I had that problem; just as so many others do. I gain a lot of confidence when I have less imperfections on my face and this really helped me get that confidence back.

This is a quick step to add into any skin care routine. If you are having acne problems that you just can’t seem to shake I would really recommend trying this out for at least a month and seeing how it goes.

What are your blemish free secrets?

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