Favorite Work Out Clothes

Well once again it is Sunday, supposedly time to relax and try not to stress about the upcoming week…and once again that is not what I am doing. I woke up early to get a start on some posts for the week as well as finish multiple assignments since finals week is fast approaching. Now I am at the gym trying to get some cardio in before I get way too tired. All in all that gave me the idea to talk about my favorite work out clothes. Everyone has a preference, shorts or pants, long or short sleeves, running shoes or shaping shoes; the list goes on and on…and I am no different.

I walk a few blocks to my gym no matter what the weather is outside and therefore I prefer pants over shorts. But not just any pants…specifically cooling leggings. I have recently been loving adidas ones the most because they fit great and never get baggy feeling. They also haven’t shrunk in the dryer which is amazing for leggings I have found. I have also been loving a pair I got from Forever 21. They are much cheaper than the adidas ones and work exactly the same so it is very refreshing.

Adidas Running Leggings

Forever 21 Running Leggings

Moving onto shirts…I am not as organized or sporty with these. I honestly have a shelf in my closet of old high school T-Shirts, sports team T-Shirts, and shirts with random logos on them; I just grab one off of here when I need a workout shirt. I do really like the softer cotton feel for workouts rather than the sporty material just because it keeps me more comfortable. However if you are looking for some sporty shirts I would really suggest Under Armor. I have a few by them that I really love. They are very cooling and airy while still keeping you warm enough and sweat free.

Under Armor Short Sleeve Shirt

Under Armor Long Sleeve Shirt

Workout shoes is where I am the worst…I have had the same pair for 4+ years. I did recently buy new ones but cannot speak to how good they are yet. The ones I have been using for ages are a memory foam running shoe from sketchers, and they work great! They are the most comfortable shoes I have ever worn and they obviously last forever. The more recent ones I bought are Nike roshe runs and from the reviews they seem great, but I haven’t gotten to really try them out yet.

Sketchers Running Shoes

Nike Roshe Shoes

let me know your favorite workout clothes and any I should try!!

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