Fitness Routine

So I am not completely sure what my fitness routine is to be honest. My boyfriend is the fitness and health nut so I just go with him and do what he suggests, therefore I can only give an over view of what I do.

That being said, I think that everyone should get out and exercise daily, even if it is just something small. It improves your mood and helps you clear your head. Plus, even just 30 minutes of exercise a day helps your metabolism and helps your digestive system. I am a full time college student with two jobs and this blog yet I still find time to go to the gym daily, so don’t give excuses just go get it done! It’ll be worth it I promise.

Alrighty well moving on from the benefits to what I actually do at the gym. My schedule looks something like this…

Sunday: Chest & Triceps

Monday: Back & Biceps

Tuesday: Legs & Abs

Wednesday: Shoulders & Obliques

Thursday, Friday, Saturday: Cardio

So we hit everything with lifting in four days and then the last three are all cardio (aka my favorite). This does cause my body to be sore pretty much everyday but it really helps me feel confident and honestly sleep better. I should also point out that all the exercises I do are for building lean muscle, not weight loss and not bulking. But lets break these days down a little more…

Chest & Triceps 

-Incline Barbell Bench Press


-Flat Dumbbell Bench Press

-Tricep Pull Down

-Overhead Tricep Extension

-Tricep Extension with Dumbbell

-Tricep Push Up

Back & Biceps

-Wide Grip Pull Up

-Standing T-Bar Row

-Wide Grip Seated Cable Row

-Close Grip Pull Down

-Cable Curls

-Barbell Curl

Legs & Abs

-Weighted Squats

-Standing Calf Raises

-Leg Extensions

-Leg Press

-Lying Leg Curls

-Leg Lifts

-Weighted Crunches

Shoulders & Obliques

-Dumbbell Shoulder Press

-Side Lateral Raise

-Seated Military Press

-Medicine Ball Rotation

-Oblique Crunches

-Oblique Leg Raises


Thursday: Bike 3 miles

Friday: Elliptical 3 miles

Saturday: Run 3 miles

Yes, at first glance my weekly routine looks like a lot but it really pays off and doesn’t take more than an hour a day! What are your favorite workouts?




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