Fashion Wishes: Free People

Installment #2 of my fashion wishes series is on a higher priced store, Free People. I really love the aesthetic their whole store has going for it. I also love the summery care free feel it gives all year round…so needless to say I have a long wishlist on their app. Let me share my favorites with you!

We have to start with swimsuits because it is once again that time of year and who doesn’t love to buy tons of suits, am I right?

free people swim 1.jpg

Summer One-Piece $88

Can you tell I have a trend loving pinstripes of blue and white? Well I do and I think this is such a beautiful and simple piece.

free people swim 2.jpg

Anja One-Piece Swimsuit $185

This swimsuit is in no way practical but it would look great in a vacation picture for sure!

dress 1.jpg

Hearts Are Wild Mini Dresses $148

I think that for a day dress this is amazing because it works so well as a casual dress with a little flare.

dress 2.jpg

Frankie Mini Dress $255

For a more formal dress this one really takes the cake. It has a beautiful sheen to it and isn’t too crazy all in one.

shirt FP 1.jpg

Oriana Tube Top $38

For summer I really embrace the strapless tops and this one looks so great with white pants or jeans.

shirt FP 2.jpg

Colette Printed Buttondown Top $98

I normally don’t go for very patterned shirts but this one really caught my eye. I think it can be casual with jeans or dressed up enough for a dinner.

Pants FP 1.jpg

Getaway Pant $58

These look so unbelievably comfortable and I would probably wear these far too often.

FP pants 2.jpg

Extra Wide Tailored Pants $148

These are very similar to the last pair but a little less casual…and once again the stripes are amazing.

cardi 1.jpg

Born To Be Free Cardi $298

Festival season is upon us and even though we wear shorts and tanks during the day it does end up getting cold and I think this cardigan would work perfectly for that time.

sets 1.jpg

Sunny Sun Set $98

This set is a really beautiful color and its just so simple to where you can do anything with it, which is always great.

shoes 1.jpg

Mont Blanc Sandal $168

I wasn’t going to add shoes into this post but I really had to add these in because I love them so much for some reason.

Well that is all for my wishes from Free People post…let me know what your favorites are!!

Bye All!!

Instagram: @alexyss.mua


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