Aurora ABH Highlight Palette Review

Aurora Palette

This was one of the very first highlighting palettes I bought and I really loved the colors when I bought it. I have now had it for about a year and don’t use it too often anymore, at least not like I once did. I have found many other highlighters I lean to more on a daily basis such as Becca and Too Faced ones.

This palette retailed for $40 when I bought it and for 6 shades from a higher end makeup company I think that is a good price. So I have talked before about how pale I am without fake tan and really the only color that works when I am pale is Luna, even Eclipse is too dark usually. However, with a fake tan or even just a bit of a glow Eclipse is perfect. And with a full blown tan I like to mix Lyra with Eclipse to give me a great glow.

Overall this isn’t a palette I would suggest for everyday because it is more on the sparkly side. Which is a great look sometimes, when you want sparkly, but everyday I just want a glow not full blown sparkles everywhere. Another down side is for people who are pale and don’t want crazy colored highlighters there are really only two you can use. I still have never used Helia, Orion, or Spectra. Those colors just don’t go with my skin or my daily color palette. On the other hand I think that these crazy colors would look great for a shimmery eyeshadow look or some cool lip looks.

If you are looking to go out of your comfort zone just a little and try cool colors then this is a good quality palette for a good price. However, Anastasia Beverly Hills has many other glow palettes that are based towards normal colors and for many different skin tones that I would suggest more. Please let me know if you loved this palette or what other ones you do love!!

Bye All!!

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