Favorite Vitamins & Special Diet


I never use to take vitamins to be honest. I didn’t think they did much and I always thought I felt fine so there really was no need for them. Especially specific vitamins, I know people who take 10 different vitamins everyday because “they all work for a different part of your body.”

Well about three months ago I started to be tired 24/7, have stomach problems, and was always feeling awful. So my lovely grandmother suggested that I at least start with an energy vitamin and a multi vitamin. I ended up with Nature’s Bounty Women’s Multivitamin and Nature Made Energy B12 vitamins. These cover the basic vitamins I need without going too overboard and they both taste great as well. I take two of each every morning so its easy to remember while still not being too much of a commitment.

In addition to this additive of vitamins I changed my diet as well. After figuring out that dairy really hates my stomach and caffeine was being extremely counteractive I knocked them out of my life. I do drink green tea but the caffeine count is so low that it doesn’t bother me at all. I also have really started to love everything almond milk, it just tastes so much creamier and its amazing.

If you don’t feel well or something feels off always listen to your body and try and figure out what it is. I spent months miserable when all I had to do was change a few little things. I would love to do a post on what my favorite dairy free and caffeine free things are so let me know if you want that!!

Bye All!!

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