Favorite Interior Design


Interior design is extremely fun and it works for everyones unique style and wants. I think that everybody, even if you think you might be awful at it should try it for your own home. This is because then it will be a complete sense of self in your home which is always an amazing touch. So I thought today I would share some of my favorite interior design looks and pieces with you! I won’t really discuss a lot but I will share some pictures with you.

So I am a huge fan of the white and silver looks in homes. I really think it looks classy and chic overall. (Disclaimer: These are all pictures from different pintrest board searches.)

BW 2.jpg

BW 6.jpg



For pieces I really love to follow this trend while still stay affordable I turned to the IKEA Malm Collection. I love almost every piece in this collection and they are so simple so they are very customizable.


Malm 2.jpg

Malm 3.jpg

Not sure what category I would put these other interior design ideas in but these are some more of my favorites.

PInk 1.jpg

Yes 1.jpg



Beach 2.jpg

These all have a little more color in them which adds a homey feel. I grew up in a house with lots of blue and yellow shades so I tend to like those a lot, it reminds me of home which is nice. I think the last two are very beachy and therefore give me a vacation state of mind which I really love.

Let me know what kind of interior design is your favorite!!

Bye All!!

Instagram: @alexyss.mua


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