How to Stay Motivated for Blogging

Staying motivated to write and read and create is something we all deal with. Bloggers such as myself who are putting out 3+ posts a day have just as hard a time staying motivated as those who put out 1 post a week and many people don’t realize that. They think that since we do put out so many posts that we love it and we always have an idea on what we want to write about, but this is hardly ever the case.

On a daily basis I have a difficult time thinking about what to write if it isn’t part of a series; and I only have one series at the moment. I know I need to post multiple beauty posts a week, a few fashion posts, some recipes or fitness things, and maybe a travel one but thats about the only constraint I have. Figuring out what to do in each of these categories is so difficult. Normally to stay motivated I have a few things I do.



Pintrest is a great place to inspiration for…really anything. I regularly search ‘blog ideas’, ‘fashion ideas’, ‘beauty ideas’, and ‘inspirational quotes.’ These four categories really help me to get some ideas in my mind and then create my own piece of work from this inspiration. This also works for things other than blogs too. When decorating or styling an outfit for something I always turn to Pintrest to get new and innovative ideas on these things.



Instagram, like Pintrest, is very easy to search and find what you are looking for which is really helpful overall. The different influencers and blogger accounts that are on Instagram make it even easier to find everything in one place. Also the new additive of being able to follow hashtags is amazing!! I follow #bloggerideas #beautyblogger #beauty #fashion #inspiration #lifestyle and I can tell you that these get so many wonderful posts everyday.



The creators on YouTube are the best and most motivational ones I have ever seen. I will watch some Tati Westbrook videos, some Jason Nash, some Trisha Paytas and feel like I am on top of the world. Even if the youtuber isn’t speaking about your specific niche it is still very helpful to hear someone talk about what they love because it gives me a want to go talk about what I love. That way I just write so much more because I write about what I really love.



Being a blog hoster on WordPress means that I read a ton of other wordpress blogs and it is really inspirational. To see others succeeding and trying and what I am trying to do as well makes it real, like I really can do it. There are also many people who make inspirational posts or motivational ones like myself and I love to read those as well to get me back on the right track.

Walking Outside

lake walk .jpg

Living by a huge lake gives a lot of opportunity for me to take picturesc walks and I take full advantage of that. I think that walking in nature, taking time for myself, and just clearing my mind really does help. It gives me travel post ideas and helps me to keep a schedule in my mind and get everything for the week organized.


gym picture.jpg

The gym is where I go for a lot of things. If i’m sad or angered I go do cardio because it just helps so much to get my endorphins going and helps me to feel happier. This is the same for trying to think of blog posts or stay motivated in general. Going to the gym and getting some self care time while also bettering yourself is the ultimate way to get all of your goals in mind.

These are my favorite ways to get inspiration but there are many I do once in a while too. Sometimes I will just take a day off or take a good nap or even just call someone I am close too; these always help get me back on the right track as well. Everyone has their own ways to figure their life out and keep everything in line. Let me know what yours are!

Bye All!!
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3 thoughts on “How to Stay Motivated for Blogging

  1. These are some awesome ways to stay motivated when blogging! I definitely find that my inspiration comes and goes, sometimes I’m like “YES SO MUCH CONTENT IDEAS” and sometimes I have nothing to post x_x


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