Travel Guide: Eagle River, WI


As a child my family would go up to Eagle River/St.Germain area for vacation every year and it was great. Around these towns is a lot of forest and therefore most of the attractions are nature based, but thats what I loved. I thought I would give my view on the best attractions and hotels around these areas.

Wildwood Wildlife Park


This is a wonderful wildlife park. Many of the animals aren’t in cages so it gives a real feel. There are deer all over the place, along with goats and tortoises. They do have some smaller animals in cages but you can take them out and play with them whenever a worker is around which is so fun. They have skunks, squirrels, and many exotic animals too. Recently they added a safari feature that takes you though many animals that are not native around here. I would suggest this attraction for any age group because everyone would find something to do here.

Eagle Waters Resort 

eagle waters.jpg

Eagle Waters Resort is a resort on a lake and probably the prettiest hotel you can find up here. In addition to the wonderful hotel rooms and atmosphere the restaurant here is great! If you aren’t looking to stay at a resort I would definitely recommend going here for dinner one night.

19th Hole Golf Club

golf club .jpg

This golf course is so beautiful and almost never busy which makes it easier to go for a game on a whim. They also have a mini golf place attached that is very nicely maintained. In addition to these wonderful golf courses the sports bar has the best pizza around and the mini golf place has an ice cream store attached!!


kart .jpg

This is a small go kart place but they have a great variety for the entire family. There is a fast track, slick track, normal track, kids track, and even a few more. Every time I have gone it has been pretty much clear there so it was easy to get on everything quickly and have fun with just my family.

McGregor’s Blink Bonnie Supper Club 


This supper club has been around forever and it has always been some of the best food around. They have amazing steak as well as amazing vegetarian options so theres something for everyone. It gives wonderful rustic vibes and completes that with the super nice staff, I promise you will not regret going here.

Flea Market

I could not find the actual name of this market but it is in St.Germain and happens every Monday afternoon. I have found some amazing rustic pieces here and the people are really a treat to meet. I think that everyone should go to many markets in their life just for the interaction and experience and this is one that fully covers both.

Forest Trails

I didn’t want to be too specific with this one because everyone has a different level of experience and ambition for these. Driving through the woods up here on a rainy day is such a beautiful site. However, walking through the woods on a sunny day is even better. Just go hike for a while or even just pull over and sit out in the woods, it will greatly benefit you.

Let me know your favorite places to travel!!

Bye All!

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