Urban Decay Setting Spray Review

As I have said before I really love the brand Urban Decay but I hadn’t tried their setting sprays until last year. When I bought the All-Nighter Setting Spray I also bought the De-Slick Setting Spray and I really liked both of them, and they really did what they said they would.

UD all nighter.jpg

Ulta All Nighter Setting Spray $32

This setting spray promises to keep makeup flawless for 16-hours even in tougher conditions. Now, many setting sprays promise this. They all promise that it won’t smudge, won’t settle into lines and won’t look cakey…but how many really do that. When testing this out for over a month I did my full makeup routine (primer, foundation, concealer, contour, powder, highlight) all the works. Then after putting my thin layer of finishing powder over my entire face I would generously spray this on and then let it dry for 5 min.

After those 5 minutes my makeup looked airbrushed and wasn’t smudging off or feeling heavy at all. It really did stay that nice all day which I loved more than anything. Normally I end up having to touch up with powder at points in the day but with this I never once had to do that, which saves a lot of time and money.

de slick .jpg

Ulta De-Slick Setting Spray $32

This spray promises strong oil control and overall keep your face matte. I do have dry skin but in the summer with the heat and humidity I end up having to use blotting papers during the day, etc. Trying this out on its own worked good but I did still have to touch up maybe 1-2 times a day. It did keep it matte for a few hours but not nearly as nice as the All-Nighter spray.

So I also decided to try them out together. I used the De-slick first all over my face and then the All-Nighter Spray and this was the best combination I have ever found!! It kept my makeup oil free and set in stone all day long, even on the really hot and busy days of mine.

I think that both of these are great setting sprays but if you are looking to use only one then try out All-Nighter for sure. I promise you will not regret it!! Let me know what setting sprays you love!!

Bye All!!

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