Favorite Foods of All Time

So I was debating about what to make or get for dinner and thought why don’t I just talk about all my favorite foods for a post and a personal reference.



This corn is probably the most amazing thing I have ever tried. It is simple, just corn, mayo, lime juice, chili powder, paprika, onion powder, garlic powder, and cotija cheese. I don’t know what makes it but this mixture of spices is just perfect!! It is so easy to make at home which is also really great. But my favorite place to order it from is Belair Cantina here in Wisconsin.

Chicken Wings

chicken wings.jpg

I have mentioned before that I lovveeee chicken wings. My favorite flavor is buffalo but sweet chili is great as well. Making them at home does take some time but when I have the time and effort to do it I really love the outcome. My favorite places to order these from include a list of local places and, of course, Buffalo Wild Wings.

Shrimp Alfredo 

shrimp al.jpg

There are so many different kinds of Alfredo pastas that I think everyone has a favorite. Mine happens to be shrimp Alfredo. This again is another easy meal to make at home and they have many mixes or frozen options for it as well. Authentic Italian restaurants around my town do this best but Olive Garden is normally a good option as well.

Smoothie Bowls 

smoothie 3

This is a not so filling option but it appeals to my health and fitness side. I love a variety of these bowls but my favorite would be any super green smoothie bowl because it incorporates vegetables as well. I only place I know where I can order these is Bowls but they have so many different options that it works out well.

Shredded Chicken Tacos 


Tacos are probably on most peoples favorites lists and mine is no different. I do not eat red meat or pork so chicken or tofu are really my only options and I prefer chicken. Making these at home is probably the easiest out of all the foods I have put down and that probably why I like them so much. For these I really prefer authentic local restaurants for this.

What are your favorite and go-to foods?

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