Favorites from Bath & Body Works

I LOVE Bath & Body Works fragrances, soaps, mists, etc. No matter how much money I make or where I move I will always stick with Bath & Body Works. Many of the scents I like are seasonal which really puts a damper on things when I run out and have to wait until Christmas again. My two favorites of all time have also been discontinued! It was a sad day when I learned that…but I will discuss those anyway.


This was my favorite of all time for so so so so long. To the point where if a friend or family member didn’t know what to get me they would go buy this and I would have a full shelf of it at home and then I still ran out. Scents are very hard to describe but this one is like a candy apple mixed with sugar…its great and appeals to my sweet tooth.

cotton lemonade .jpg

Another one that was my favorite and has been discontinued is Sheer Cotton & Lemonade. It smells like that summer vacation you love; thats the only way to describe it. It doesn’t really smell like lemonade but you feel like you’re on a beach with the wind going through your hair and it is perfection in a bottle.


Cucumber Melon Scent

So I just found out, while writing this, that this scent is now retired too!! 😦 This scent is so fresh and just gives me that energy and that freshness I need in the morning. I really love using the body wash from this because it smells so great when getting out of the shower.


Gingerbread Latte is my favorite Christmas fragrance. The down side is I buy a lot of it and then am out way before Christmas again. It smells just like you have gingerbread baking and really reminds me of my grandma baking which is a good feeling all year round…so they should sell it all year round.


Another holiday favorite, Snowflakes & Cashmere. My boyfriend likes to bug me when I buy this because he says “What do snowflakes and a material smell like?” Yes, thats a good question because I am sure thats not the scent, but none the less it smells great. The only way I can describe this would be that smell when its snowing out, your cozy in front of a fire place with hot cocoa and a book. I know that’s not a scent but thats what the smell reminds me of. Let me know if you understand what I mean.


Japanese Cherry Blossom Scent

Finally, a scent that has always been around and is apparently here to stay; Japanese Cheery Blossom. This one smells exactly like what the name says and it always has been highly recommended.

sweet pea .jpg

Sweet Pea Scent

My parents and grandparents nickname for me use to be Sweet Pea so it only makes sense that this is one of my favorite scents. It smells like a mix of fresh and sweet which, from my other favorites you can tell, is something I really enjoy. A bonus is that these are always a scent in the gift boxes so its always easy to find.

wram vanilla.jpg

Warm Vanilla Sugar Scent

This one I actually have in my wall diffuser at the moment and it is my favorite to use in that. It gives a coziness to the room and smells like a sweeter vanilla; I love vanilla smells. This one is around and here to stay as well, so we can have peace in knowing that.

What are your favorites from Bath & Body Works??

Bye All!!

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