First Impressions: Smashbox Liquid Lip

I have tried and love many Smashbox products but never their liquid lip. I am not a big user of liquid lips because they seem to be messier for me and I tend to go for lip crayons instead. However, I have a friend who loves liquid lips and always raves about Smashbox’s. So I thought I better try it out and share my thoughts.

I went on the Smashbox website and purchased three colors, Foiled Brat , Rose B4 Bros, and Mauve Squad.  I liked Foiled Brat because I have many shades of lipstick and lip crayons in the berry wine color and I wanted to see how it held up against those. For the other two I just went with a good red color and then the lightest available to see how much pigment it had.

I have only tried each of these out once so it really is a first impression. When first applying each of these they all had about the same pigment and seemed like the exact same formula so that was starting on a good note. I didn’t put chapstick under these and they ended up being pretty drying and made my lips crack a bit. I didn’t think they would dry down if I added chapstick under them but I will have to try it that way next to see if it helps the dryness and whatnot.

i did only need one coat with Rose B4 Bros and Mauve Squad but for Foiled Brat I needed two because it was a little patchy at first; which is always a turn off. So overall I don’t love them right now, I would prefer to stick with my lipstick and lip crayons but I will definitely try these out some more and some different ways so that I can give you an update.

Bye All!!
Instagram: @alexyss.mua



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