Pet Appreciation Post

I am an extreme animal lover, like to the point its a little scary. I have always loved animals and honestly prefer them over people. I have no patients but with animals I am the most patient person in the world and I spend so much of my time and money with and on my pets. It only felt right to give a little lifestyle post about my pets because in all reality this is my lifestyle.

I’ll start with the most exotic pet, Kiwi the hedgehog. She has been in our family for over 3 years now and she is definitely the favorite child ;). My dad loves her so much and the first question people ask when they come over is to see kiwi; she has become the conversation piece of our home. She has a huge cage that has a purple color scheme and has an insane amount of toys inside of it. She even stole my favorite scarf and now sleeps with it inside of her igloo…so you can tell she’s in charge. During the day she sleeps on a heating pad on the couch since she is suppose to be in African weather and we live in Wisconsin, but she loves it. Her favorite thing to do is go out in our backyard and run around in the dirt for hours; she does like to tear down the plants though. They say pets take on the personality of their owners and this is extremely true with her. If spirit animals are a thing then a hedgehog is mine because we are both grumpy half the time, like to be left alone, love treats, get angry fast, and are always cold.

Next up, I have two rats, Monkey (pictured on the left and Houdini (an albino, very shy rat, but pictured on the right.) Due to Houdini being really shy I have a hard time getting a picture of her even though but you can see she’s a total softy and loves cuddles. Monkey is a little crazier and is always climbing something but this picture was so cute of her when she was napping. I have had these two girls for almost a year now and at first my dad was very unhappy about having pet rats but now every time he comes home they are the first people he says hi too, so we know how that turned out :). They are very playful and curious and really love treats…they have gotten pretty fat but who cares, they are happy. If they hear you talk they will come right to the cage door and start squeaking like crazy which is so cute, oh and they love to give kisses and sit on shoulders. I also forgot to mention that these are rats who were suppose to be feeder rats and spent about a month in a tiny cage with at least 20 other rats so I was really happy to be able to rescue them and spoil them like crazy. They literally have a shelf that has different foods and tons of different treats for them, as well as vitamins and new chewy toys at all times. They also get tons of fresh fruits and veggies everyday so I would say they are living a pretty good life.

Jingles is our 15 year old black cat. I picked her out when I was about five and I grew up with her. She is 15 this year and still acts like a kitten which is wonderful. She however, is very selective about the people she likes…she hates my boyfriend and grandma for some reason. My dad honestly treats her like his girlfriend and they spend all their time together. She is very talkative and annoyingly hyper especially at 3am. Jingles is one of those cats that if she sees a lap open she will sit there and end up making you stay there much longer than you planned to. She is a character but she’s the best.


Last up is MistiAnne, a rescue cat from a junk yard. A family friend of ours found four tiny kittens abandoned in a junk yard about 9 years ago and we got the tiniest one. She then grew very fast and is not pretty fat but as long as she’s happy who cares! She is a beautiful mix of a torty and a calico cat and is so timid and sweet. She is scared of the wind, too many people, a door, pretty much everything…but once she gets use to you she will come running the second she hears your voice and want attention right away. For being 9 she is very subdued and not really hyper but I think she has always been that way.

Well theres the story on my 5 besties…let me know about your pets!!

Bye All!

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