Seasonal Date Ideas

With spring and summer comes an abundance out outdoor date ideas. You no longer have to just go out for dinner and a movie because there are tons of festivals and outdoor fun things. I am a big fan of taking advantage of the beautiful weather and doing dates outside so I’ll give my top 5 so that this post doesn’t get too long.

Mini Golf


I tend to get very competitive with this so for me this isn’t a great first date idea but for my boyfriend and I it works great. It passes time so fast and it is just a ton of fun. Around my hometown there are a lot of touristy areas so mini gold places are easy to find. I would also suggest golf for those of you who know how to play even though that would be a day long date. It all depends on how long you want it to take and how serious you want to be about it. Either way it is a fun thing to do; even for a friend get together!

Amusement Park/Fair


I LOVE thrill rides and pretty much everyone I know does too so this is a great date idea or get together idea. If you aren’t a thrill seeker this would also be fun to walk around, eat the food, people watch, and play games! There really is something for everyone at fairs or amusement parks.



From some of my other posts you probably know that music is a major part of my life so concerts work into that as well. I go to as many concerts as I possibly can and I drag people with me to all of them. If you and your date or friends like the same kind of music then this is the perfect choice! Concerts create a fun atmosphere to get to know other people and bond over something you both love.



If you live in an area that has access to a beach I am sure you already go there quite a bit.  There are so many things to do at the beach; cookout, volleyball, swim, relax, etc. That means that once again there is something for everyone and it is easy to get to know what other people like. It gives a relaxing and care free environment to any get together.

Art Fair


I really love art and art museums so it only makes sense that I love art fairs when they are in season. There are so many beautiful booths and wonderful people to meet…thats all you need in a date or a day away. Art always seems to start conversations between people I would normally never talk to and I think that’s the best thing about it. Plus there is always food ;).

What are your favorite summer date ideas?

Bye All!

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