My Sick Days

So I went to bed last night thinking I was having bad allergies from the warmer weather and woke up with an awful head cold. Now I am someone who gets sick so so much but never skips work or classes so I have all of my wen little hacks and ways to deal with sickness.

Tea, Tea, and More Tea

teas .jpg

It’s no secret that a hot tea can help with congestion and feelings of a cold but I go a little extreme with it. I tend to go towards low-caffine green tea and herbal teas when I am sick because obviously no caffeine and everything in the tea just adds benefits. I think that even just having the ta by your face helps because of the steam and all of that.

Sleep Whenever Possible


I have very busy days balancing this, work, and school but whenever I am sick I try and take as much time to sleep as possible. I turn up the heat and crawl in bed while turning on netflix and just try to sleep. I normally have time in between classes where I will nap and then after work at 6pm I just try and get to bed right away.

Happy & Healthy Foods


Yes, eating healthy is a good idea when you are sick but your body craves other foods so indulge in those too. Whenever I have a sore throat all I want is ice cream so I get it. However, I also try and eat fruits and veggies in soup or smoothies to help fight away the sickness.

Take Medicine


Many people, myself included, try to stay away from lots of cold & flu medication. But the reality is you should take it if it will help make you better, or at least feel better. I take mucinex and it helps so so much, so does day quill so I tend to stick to those two. So don’t hold off just because you don’t want medication, it could really help!

These are my simple steps for my sick days. It all depends on what the actual sickness is but for a head cold this is my go to stuff. Let me know what you do for your sicknesses!

Bye All!!

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