May is Here!!

Finally May is here!! I guess I shouldn’t say finally since it seems like this year has speed by…but it feels like it too!! It’s 75 degrees outside today and I am here for it. I cannot wait to get summer started because I have bought far too many concert tickets and have a few vacations planned. So what is my plan & schedule for May?

Finish School…aka Finals

Finals are in a week and I couldn’t be more ready. I only have a few and it means the end of the year so I really cannot wait to take these tests. So many people are posting about being stressed and hating the end of the year but I am so far the opposite, thank god for finals!!

Moving Houses

First of all I am moving out of dorms mid May but then when I get back home my dad is moving houses at the end of May, so there is a lot of packing and moving in my future. I don’t mind it too much, I just hate having to move all the pets because that is the biggest hassle. Overall I like to move and be able to set up a new house, it’s a lot of fun for me.

Starting New Diet & Workout

I have decided recently that I am getting a little chubbier from always just sitting and writing and eating junk food so I need to start a new diet and workout. I am going to cut out sweets, eat natural foods, still no dairy or caffeine, and do cardio as well as weightlifting daily. I think that it will help me feel so much better and just bring up my confidence.

Deciding Schools for Fall

I have recently been going back and forth between online college to finish my degree or continuing at my university. I do much better at self paced classes, it would be cheaper, and I would finish my degree faster so Online College would be a good idea. But I also think continuing university looks better and I would be around friends and my boyfriend more…I don’t know its still a toss up. Any Advice?

Starting Concerts & Festivals

Starting with concerts I have one Saturday and I can’t wait to go and kick off the summer!! There are also so many festivals coming up in May that I want to go to such as chocolate fest! I know I just got done saying I was starting a diet but chocolate fest is one exception…

Continuing Blogging

I think that once I am out of school I will have so much more time to create fun and interesting content that this blog will do even better. I can’t wait to add to my travel section so soon and just work hard at this. I will continue to post thrice daily because it makes me work hard and has been working in my favor. So lets see where this goes!

Let me know your May plans!!
Bye All!!

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