10 Things I Can’t Live Without

Well I saw this on some other blogs this morning and thought why not write one about myself. I have never really thought too hard about things I couldn’t live without but here goes nothing. Just a disclaimer I am going deeper into thought than things like water, food, sleep, because obviously we all need those, right?

music.jpgAll Music : Music is something, as I’ve said before that I cannot live a day without because it helps me through everything and can get my mood anywhere I like. Music also helps to inspire me on what to write which I wouldn’t be here without so that is always a major plus.


Books, Specifically Philosophy Books: I am an avid reader, I will read anything and everything from blog posts, to news reports, to 1,000 page books. However, my favorite books are those on Philosophy because that is what I love, and is my major! They help me get a whole new look at the world and help me think through everything.

lake .jpg

Lakes : This one sounds kind of general but I mean lakes that have beautiful scenery and I am able to walk by. Living by a lake my whole life has given me so many beautiful opportunities and I don’t think I would ever want to live away from a body of water.


Tea : Tea is a big one here!! I start my day with it, end my day with it, and drink it in between. There are so many flavors that no one can go wrong here. I think that this is a crucial part of my day.


Lotion: I think that lotion is a must for me. I really hate having dry and rough skin so I don’t think I could live without lotions.

netflix.jpgNetflix: I have to say this because in my free time I love to watch all of my favorite shows. I love Mind Hunter, Orange is the New Black, The Ozark, and many other Netflix originals so this is a must as well.

Pets: You probably already know, I love animals so so much and my pets are a huge part of my life. I don’t think I would be able to live without going home to a bunch of little cuddle bugs. They always improve my mood and bring fun things to my day no matter what.

bueno .jpg

Bueno Bars: I thought about just saying chocolate but I know this is my favorite kind of chocolate. In the US we have to order it online since it isn’t in stores but it is well worth it. The creaminess of hazelnut mixed with the likeness of a kit kat bar is just perfection.

pj pants .jpg

PJ Pants: I picked these over sweat pants because they are just so cozy and comfy!! I am always cold when I sleep so these are a must as well, especially in winter.

Family: Lastly, I am going to get very cliché and say my family. My family is a very huge part of my life. They help me with everything I do and always make me feel better. I could lose everything else and still be just fine if I had my family around. That is always what make me take risks in life because they will always be there no matter what.

What couldn’t you live without?!

Bye All!!
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