Wisconsin Dells Travel Guide

There is so much to do in Wisconsin Dells it is unbelievable. Luckily I am someone who loves to do activities 24/7 so I have tried out most things in the Dells. Therefore I can confidently tell you which things are worth the money, time, and energy and which are not.

Ripley’s Believe It or Not


This is just a fun place for everyone. I have been here so many times but still end up going every time I am around one because I love their weird facts and the fun interior! On the website it says this building is 3 floors and features over 200 artifacts which is a ton to explore. I really highly recommend this activity because it is a lot of fun weather you have been there a million times or this is your first.

Admission: Adults $14.99, Children $10.99

Admission can be combined with a Wizard Quest Experience for Adults $20.99, Children $16.99

Ghost Boat

ghost boat.jpg

This is a boat adventure that starts at 8:30 nightly and takes you on a short cruise where they tell you a scary story. Then you get off at a canyon and go through what is basically a haunted house walk. It is a lot of fun and not too intensely scary so it is good for everybody!

Admission: $26.69 for anyone over 12

Original Wisconsin DUCKs


These are fun and go all day everyday which is a plus for scheduling! The tour guides are always such fun and really engage with everybody. This tour combines historical info on the Wisconsin Dells as well as very dumb jokes that could make anyone laugh.

Admission: Adults (over 11) $30, Children $15

Noah’s Ark

noahs ark .jpg

Not arguably, the best water park around. This water park has so many rides and rides that are fun and different, not just normal slides. It is well worth the price and the thing is a lot of hotels offer free passes to here. It has rides for every age so no one will be left un-entertained.

Admission: $49.99 A Person

Ishnala (Formal Dining)


This is a fairly old supper club that hangs over the water and has trees literally growing in it. The food is irreplaceable, most definitely the best food I have ever had. For a romantic dinner this is the place to go, such a nice atmosphere. It is a bit pricey but for a great dinner out it is well worth it. Plus on any given night it is not that busy since there are no signs in downtown about it, a hidden gem.

Old Timey Photos


We do this as a yearly tradition now. I know there are many places all over to get pictures like these done but the main street in the Dells has like 5 just there, and they are very high quality.

Price Range: $20-75

Timbavati Wildlife Park


My first time going here was last summer and we actually only went in the first place because our hotel gave us free tickets. But it was sooooo fun!! We got to feed every kind of animal imaginable and hangout with birds and cows all day which is my dream day.

Admission: Adult $19.95, Children $13.95

Street Performers

This is a free activity and theres no schedule but almost any night you can find many of them on the main street. They do a variety of awesome things and it is really great to watch and support them. Plus they are always right by ice cream shops so it works out well :)!

These are my must do activities when I go to the Dells and that I would highly recommend others.

Let me know your favorite places!!

Bye All!!
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