Finals & Studying Tips

With finals week fast approaching this seemed like a good topic. My friends consider me a good studier because I do it very efficiently so I think I have some tips to share.

study 1.jpg

  1. Study One Subject at a Time: A lot of people tend to skip around subjects because then they get less bored or frustrated with one. In order to really learn what you want to and figure out how to do all of the questions you should stick to one subject for at least an hour and then switch to a different one. Don’t go from one small assignment in history to a small one in math because you will be confusing yourself on what to learn for each class.
  2. Drink Lots of Water : This seems like a simple one but drinking water can really help your brain and help you absorb the information you are studying. It will also help to keep you awake if you continually drink cold fresh water.
  3. Chew Gum: Chewing the same flavor of gum while studying as well as during the final could really help you remember answers and information as crazy as that seems. When my friend told me about that I was like “yeah sureeeee it does that.” But then I tried it and I don’t think I will ever stop using this hack.
  4. Look Over Old Exams & Homework: You might think that challenging yourself with new problems and info will help you pass the test but teachers tend to stick to the same test formulation. Therefore going over old tests will give you a review as well as an idea of what kind of questions will be on the final.
  5. Explaining Answers Out Loud: Teaching others is one of the best proven ways to learn things yourself. By putting the information in a way to explain it to someone else makes your brain work harder and form it into something easier to remember.
  6. Study When Sleepy: INSANE?! I know right!! It sounds crazy but studying right before sleeping strengthens new memory which would work very well in your benefit. Even if you study all day you should go over the most important pieces of info for like 10 minutes before lying down, it could really make a difference.

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These are my top 6 tips for studying for finals or really anything. I stick to these and tend to get very good grades on exams so I don’t think I will ever stop using these suggestions. What are your study tips??



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