Chit Chat: My Thoughts

Well starting off this week with beautiful weather finally is a very nice surprise. I can’t to leave university for the summer and just relax in great weather everyday. I think it will really help me to re cultivate motivation for all of my posts on here. I LOVE writing on here and it really is what gets me up and keeps me motivated to work. It is hard, a lot harder than I thought blogging ever would be.

Writing content three times a day on this blog is probably the hardest work I have ever had to do. I know that sounds really dumb because its just writing after all. Well, what you see is just writing…but I test out a lot of products go through a lot of websites for research, and go do a lot of stuff in my everyday life in order to write these posts. A LOT of work goes into it. I have a new found respect for anyone who writes or blogs for a living…it may seem like a dream job and I think it will be but it is just as much work as any other job if not more. You are your own boss, you have to find your own ways to make money, you have to keep people interested, you have to wake up early and go to bed late just to get the experiences and write about them.

All in all I really am loving this though! I just need to be able to travel more and take more pictures for posts which i will be able to do once summer officially starts in two weeks. I can’t wait for you all to see some new content I’ve been feverishly working on! I hope you will love it!

On another note finals week is up and coming so I am studying non stop for that! If you saw my post yesterday about Finals and Studying tips I hope you enjoyed it and it was helpful! I was very happy to write about that because my friends always tell me I am a good studier because I do it efficiently so I wanted to share those tips with you.

For this up coming week you can look forward to two more Fashion Wishes, a new Foundation Fun, a New Sweet Treats, and my first installment of Super Savory. I love doing these series and am very glad I started them. They give my blog a little more structure and then I get to write about totally new things every week!!



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