Almay One Coat Thickening Mascara Review

Screen Shot 2018-05-07 at 12.40.11 PM.png

Almay Thickening Mascara

I have talked about my favorite mascara of all time which is Urban Decay Perversion but that retails at $22 so I wanted to share my favorite affordable one as well. I never really use Almay products to be honest but I tried their mascara once and it really tops all other drugstore mascara’s. The color is perfect to match my hair and give my lashes that perfect full look.

I find that many drug store mascara’s end up clumping my lashes together but this one keeps them combed and full looking; I love that!! In addition the formula isn’t too thick, just thick enough. That means that it doesn’t pull on the lashes and doesn’t feel heavy. The only thing I find that I do not like about this is that the wand does hold far too much product which sometimes leads to the mascara coming off on my eyelids. 

This is a very short review and I am very sorry about that. I just wanted to make sure to give you all a more affordable option of a great mascara. If you have any others from the drugstore that you love please let me know, I would love to try them out!!

Bye all!!

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