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So today I have had quite a boring day of just sitting on the couch and catching up on shows so you all get another Lifestyle post!! I will get back on schedule with makeup reviews and fashion posts tomorrow but today I wanted to share about one of my favorite shows.


Alright, maybe it isn’t really called a show but it has seasons and episodes on youtube. Basically it is these two guys who go investigate ‘haunted’ places or talk about true crime cases. Their newest season has been a supernatural one and they have visited some very interesting places and gotten some compelling evidence.

The relationship of the two guys is what makes the show so interesting. One is a huge skeptic and one is a huge believer in all of the supernatural so it creates a great dynamic! I myself am not a huge believer but certain tests they do seem to be maybe pointing towards evidence so I continue to be enthralled with it.


I have been rewatching the ones today where they spend a night in the haunted places; which although I do not believe I would never be able to do. I think with all of the research they do it creates a very interesting history and evidence based collection.

Although I say I don’t believe in ghosts I am very interested in the supernatural because who really knows if it is real? I really have no evidence for or against these things being real and if I ever have an odd experience one day I am sure I will start to believe in it, but until then I will just watch others who believe in it.

Let me know if you have seen this show or have an intrest in the supernatural!

Bye All!!

Instagram: @alexyss.mua


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