Seasonal Bucket List

I have an overall life bucket list but I add to it all the time and take away from it all the time. I thought maybe it would be easier to make smaller bucket lists and go for finishing them within a few months. I decided to start now with all the things I would like to do over summer (June, July, August, September.)

  1. Sky Diving: I was at dinner with my aunt the other night and she said she was going to do skydiving in late June and needed people to go with her, so I am going to do it. I have always had it on my overall bucket list but didn’t know when I would get the courage to actually do it…the time has come. I am deathly afraid of heights but I think this is something every one should do in their lives.
  2. Go to 5 Concerts: I love concerts but I don’t feel like I go to enough because normally it is just one or two a year. I recently went to one, just last weekend, and it was so much fun so I am making a point to go to a lot over the summer. I have tickets to Billy Joel, Logic, Def Leppard, and G-Easy, so I only really need to add on one more to reach my goal.
  3. Go on 3 Vacations: I love to travel, even if it’s just a few hours away. Every year we do a week long family vacation and I do a 3-4 day trip with my boyfriend so that counts out 2 trips already, only one more to plan!
  4. Try New Restaurants As Much As Possible: Food is one of the best parts of life but I always end up back at my normal restaurants. I get so many recommendations from people to try new places but I never do, but I want to this summer.
  5. Learn How to Drive: Yes…I am almost out of college and still haven’t gotten my drivers license. In my state I only need to take the test and the vision test and then have my permit for a week before I can officially get my license so this should be a pretty quick bucket list item but it probably will stress me out the most.
  6. Run Everyday: I use to be an avid runner when I had a lot more time but now I have school, work, all the usual stuff. I have been going to the gym daily but mostly sitting on the couch and honestly I have gotten a bit chubby which I am not fond of. So I am going to make a point to get up early and go run daily to get back in shape.
  7. Volunteer: It’s been a while since I have been able to really volunteer with fundraisers and what not so I would like to get back to that in my hometown. I think it is very fulfilling and I always meet so many wonderful people doing this!
  8. Have Dinner with Family 3X a Week: My family is just as busy as I am and so our time together has gone down to a minimum. My parents are divorced and I am with my dad all the time but we never really sit down and have dinner together. So my goal over the summer is to have dinner with family at least three times a week, or even lunch.

I wanted to make sure to not make this too long because it only stretches for four months but I think these are all good goals. They will help me improve my mental and physical state while also having a lot of fun. What’s on your summer bucket list?

Bye All!!
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