Ion Color Pigments Review

I worked at Sally Beauty once upon a time and stumbled across this product that promises many things for your hair…

Screen Shot 2018-05-14 at 9.01.46 PM.png

ion Color Solutions

    • Boosts and maintains cosmetic color in between salon services
    • Formulated with natural oils and antioxidants
    • Leaves hair silky and vibrant

    ion Color Pigments directly deposits color in one simple conditioning treatment. This is formulated with natural oils and antioxidants for brilliant results that intensify color and enhances shine.

I used this when I had my hair very light blonde and wanted it golden blonde. This really did make the difference. It darkened my hair a bit (like I wanted) and kept it up as long as I used it once a week. If you are trying to go darker I would suggest using this instead of dye right away since it is much gentler and it will do the job just as good!

It works kind of like a toner with a very conditioning aspect to it, which who doesn’t love. Here are some of the reviews…

“I just purchased this to try…I usually bleach my hair platinum, then tone with Misty Rose. I thought to myself “hey…this might help me stay pink once the toner starts to fade.” I decided to try it before my bleach session…and WOW it came out bright! It didn’t take as well on my grown-out roots, but my pale blonde ends were super bright pink! It wasn’t bad, just not at all what I expected. I did end up washing it twice to remove more color-it was just a little too intense for me. I used it again a few days later, mixing with some conditioner. Much less dramatic. And it’s already almost completely washed out now. I think it’s perfect straight up if you are already a vibrant pink…if you’re a softer rose or rose gold, you’ll want to mix it with some conditioner first. It did make my hair very soft, but it does stain your hands a little. I contemplated returning it, but I think I’m going to keep it…maybe I’ll feel like going brighter pink for a day or two!”

“I use the Red Hot to refresh my hair and it’s amazing. I mix it with my conditioner while I shower and put on a shower cap.”

“I dyed my hair a plum color almost two months ago. Before this I was super blonde so it faded pretty quickly, I have dyed it 3 times since then and it still slowly fades. But this conditioner………… the best thing that’s ever happened to me. My hair is bright and beautiful every time I use it. It makes it the perfect color. I used the neon purple and it keeps it the plum color that I want. I don’t have to worry about it fading anymore and I can’t believe I came across this stuff. Please buy it. You’ll fall in love”

If you have trouble keeping your hair color definitely go try this out!! Let me know what you think!


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