Beautiful Kate Spade Earrings

Kate Spade is always a reliable and great quality brand. I love their purses so so much but recently my go to earrings have been from here as well.

Screen Shot 2018-05-16 at 12.43.35 PM.png

Crystal Stud Earrings

These look high class but are only $38 which is absolute goals. I love to look luxury without spending luxury amounts. These are crystals with gold around them so they really go with any and all outfits as well as other pieces of jewelry. I found these at Nordstrom and I am so glad I decided to buy them!

Screen Shot 2018-05-16 at 12.47.45 PM.png

Mini Square Stud Earrings

These are a little more crazy than the last ones but I am someone who tends to wear a lot of black and white so they go with man outfits I wear. When I wear all black or a lot of neutral colors I love to wear bright earrings in order to get that fun pop of color. The good thing about these is that they also have many colors within the earring so they can go with a lot of bright colors as well.

These are my two favorite everyday earrings as of right now and I think they will be for a while. However, Kate Spade comes out with a ton of new jewelry ever season so maybe there will be more that I come to love. I will keep you updated as new pieces come!

Instagram: @alexyss.mua


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