ULTA Brand Matte Lipsticks

The Ulta Brand makeup has always been very affordable but not always very reliable…lately that has changed. I have bough many Ulta Brand products in the past few months and I have really loved them. My favorite product though has to be their matte lipsticks just because of how well they compare to MAC and other high end brands.

Matte Lipsticks

I made a hige mistake and took off the stickers that said the names of the colors so bare with me here. I think that all together they really had a buttery and smooth texture and glide. The lighter colors did seem to have better pigment than the darkest one I got, but I think that is to be expected.

The long wear of these lipsticks is about 5 hours without having to retouch, at least that is what I got out of mine. So no, it doesn’t promise 16hr wear like others but I don’t think those are always truthful either. I think that 5 hours is a very good time with drinking and eating going on. I am someone who does not mind redoing my lipstick a few times a day.

The tube of lipstick lasts a long time as well which I love. There is nothing worse than reaching for your favorite lipstick and then finding out it is all gone. Even if they didn’t last forever the price is only $8.50 which is a very good deal compared to many brands these days.

Finding beautiful lipstick that has long lasting ability and isn’t too expensive is very hard these days. If you are looking for a new brand to try I highly suggest ULTA. I also suggest ULTA for many of there other new products because they have really stepped up their game.

Bye All!


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