Foundation Fun: Makeup Forever Foundation Palette

Screen Shot 2018-05-23 at 10.33.08 AM.png

Makeup Forever Foundation Palette

Little known fact about me… I am a certified makeup artist. That means I either need to buy tons of bottle foundations or have a lot of foundation palettes (the later is cheaper by far). Makeup Forever is the best foundation palette I have ever tried!! The colors have great undertones for every skin shade and they are very easy to mix.

This helps so much when I get a spray tan and am loosing it since there are so many different skin color shades I go through for that and it is hard to find the perfect foundation. But being able to mic my own really helps me match it to my neck and chest perfectly.


At first all of the shades were very thin and creamy but now over time they have gotten thicker so I always add a drop of bio oil into then in order to make them bendable. Since the shades use to have more of a sheer coverage, or so I thought, I never really used them since I always needed/wanted more coverage than that. But now that my skin has finally settled down some I am okay with less coverage and it makes all of my makeup look more natural and less cakey!

I know some people love the natural look, some love the full glam, and so on…but I think this is one that everyone could love since you can do natural or full glam with it. It just makes it look like your skin is amazing on its own!!

Let me know your favorite foundation palettes!

Bye All!!


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