Loving Witch Hazel

I was always told that Witch Hazel would help with all of my skin problems, and in high school that sounded amazing. I bought Dickinson’s Witch Hazel for the first time years ago and started using it twice daily; morning and night after washing my face.

Screen Shot 2018-05-24 at 2.26.45 PM.png

So what is Witch Hazel really suppose to do?

  1. Fight Acne:  It reduces inflammation, cleans oil, and helps take care of redness.
  2. Hydrate Skin: It removes bad oils while keeping good oils so that you don’t overdry.
  3. Reduces Puffy Eyes: It reduces inflammation and tightens skin thus getting rid of puffiness.
  4. Helps With Sunburn: Healing damaged skin is the main thing it does so it helps repair sunburned skin.
  5. Refreshes: This seems simple but it is a nice skin refresher when waking up.
  6. Prevents Razor Burn: If you put it on directly after shaving it is suppose to prevent razor burn by soothing the skin.

So does it really do all of this? Luckily for you I tested out all of its claims.

Acne Fighting?

This is one I am fairly unsure of. I put a layer of Witch Hazel on my face every morning and every night and I don’t see a huge difference in my acne. I do not get a ton of pimples but I am not sure if this is from my other skin care products or from the Witch Hazel.


This I can speak to! My skin tends to get dry because of the rest of my skin care routine and the long winter, etc. This has helped to keep my face with no dry patches and soft skin.

Puffy Eyes?

I get very puffy under eyes during summer because of allergies and applying this before bed has helped me wake up with less puffiness. Applying it in the morning has helped bring the puffiness down even more.


I haven’t gotten sunburn this year yet but my boyfriend has…so I used him as a guinea pig. He used Witch Hazel on one arm and Aloe on the other. They healed at the same rate and with the same results. So I am not sure if Witch Hazel works great but it does work just as well as Aloe.


This one is a given. Having any soothing smelling liquid on your face will be refreshing no matter what time of day. Keeping it in a little spray bottle is very nice for on the go.

Razor Burn?

I am not someone who gets a lot of razor burn but sometimes I will on my shins and whatnot. I started applying Witch Hazel right after shaving my legs and it made them feel smoother longer and I did not get razor burn.

Overall I think Witch Hazel, for how cheap it is, is a good investment because it works for so many different things and it is all natural. Are you going to add Witch Hazel to your routine?

Bye All!


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