Shorts Weather!!

I am someone who doesn’t love hot weather but I also don’t hate it. I just want to take it in small doses…which also means I don’t wear a ton of shorts. I don’t exactly love shorts on me for many reasons but when it gets to 80 degrees out it is a must to wear shorts for me. I have a few pairs that I have had for years and I love them more than anything I can find in stores today.

Screen Shot 2018-05-24 at 2.08.32 PM.png

Nike Tempo 3″ Running Shorts

I love athletic shorts on a hot day because they provide a lot of air flow and are so comfy on top of that. These Nike shorts are perfect for when I go to amusement parks or water parks but are also great for traveling on vacation.  These are really the only athletic shorts I love, the others I have I will wear to bed but they don’t seem to fit right to wear all day.

Screen Shot 2018-05-24 at 2.13.42 PM.png

High-Waisted Short Short in White

I am very messy so I am not sure what ever made me buy white shorts but they really look nice with a tan. I wear these more when I am dressing up a bit more since they go with a lot of my nice tops and look a little dressier than blue jean shorts. They have subtle rips in them so it adds texture but doesn’t look too crazy.

Screen Shot 2018-05-24 at 2.18.53 PM.png

Denim Short-Short

These are more of my go-to shorts because they are casual but still look like I kind of tried to get ready; basically my everyday look. They are slimming and match with all of my summer tops which is a huge advantage. I really love American Eagle shorts over all since they are always trendy and always comfy.

Are you excited for shorts weather?! I am until it gets too warm and then I will want winter again…but I am looking forward to vacations, day trips, and the beach.

Bye All!!


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