My Philosophy Major

I have talked about being in college but I don’t think I’ve gone in depth about my major. I know I love learning about what other people are doing in their lives and what they love so I thought I would share where I am going and what I love.

I started off college two years ago at 17 and began with veterinary medicine and biology. I am an animal lover all the way but my allergies would not allow me to do that…and honestly I don’t like biology that much. So a few weeks into my first year I switched to Philosophy with a focus in ethics and law, and a minor in economics.

I decided that in order to move onto law school and become a lawyer, philosophy was my best chance. I love reading, I love theories, I love writing, and philosophy fits all of those so if I can succeed in my undergrad it will be even easier to succeed in Law School. Philosophy is also one of the best degrees to get in order to ace the LSAT (Law School Administration Test.)

So far in my studies I have taken all of my general education courses and the entry level economics as well as mid level philosophy. Let me tell you, philosophy may seem like one of the easiest college majors from the outside but logic is a hard concept to master. There are tons of charts and maps you have to learn to even get to the end of a simple logic puzzle…and it only gets harder as you go. I think that each college major has their own difficulty and you really need that love and skill set to succeed.

I have friends who are in medical majors and engineering majors and I think those are so so hard. But those friends also think my major is difficult. So no matter what major you take it really takes hard work because many people cannot do what you do.

Long story short I am on my way to getting my undergrad degree in the next year and then moving onto law school. I know college isn’t for everyone but my advice would be at least to try it out. Getting a higher education is always good no matter what major or job you want in the future.

Would you like to see more personal posts from me?

Bye All!


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