Neutrogena Nourishing Long Wear Makeup |First Impressions|

Today I ran out of my favorite BB cream for summer and was devastated! Since I am not tan right now I decided to try a new foundation that has been sitting in my collection for a few months...   I first bought this when I had very dry skin and it promised to hydrate. The [...]


Flower Power |Summer Love|

Well, I recently posted a beautiful art piano travel post...if that made any sense, haha. I also went around and took pictures of the beautiful mosaic pots that hold flowers by out lake and I wanted to share some of those beauties. For all of these it looks like they smashed plates and put them [...]

Kenosha Lakefront Love |Piano Crawl 2018|

So if you are not familiar with this area Kenosha is a city with a very amazing and beautiful lakefront! They showcase this every year with many festivals, tons of restaurants and painted projects every year. One year there were painted cows, another painted lawn chairs, and this year....painted pianos!!! They are so beautiful and [...]

Hair Transformation at Home |Highlights, Dark Roots, Ombre|

Well I know I informed you of my terrible bleach job at home which I had to dye it darker brown once again. But tonight I came home and decided to do something to make my hair more summery and have a little more depth. My hair is already darker towards the top and lighter [...]

Sunshine Blogger Award #1

Hey Lovies!! Allthingsalexyss got nominated for its first Sunshine Blogger Award, Yay!!! I was nominated by Lifewithlilred. She is an amazing blogger and reading her posts always brings so much light to my day. If you haven't checked her out you definitely should because you will love everything she writes about and shares. Rules of getting [...]

SPF Protection for Lips – Mega Battle: Carmex VS Maybelline VS Nivea VS Blistex – In depth Reviews and Ingredient Analyses — Bonds of Beauty

Little Message from Me: I was reading through posts as I do everyday and I came upon this one. It is so well written and really gives a lot of information that many of us don't think about. I normally don't share other posts but this one really opened my eyes to how we forget [...]

If I Could Only Keep One…|Makeup Tag

Well if you've been reading my blog you can see I have been doing a lot of Tags lately and I came across another one that I love. Technically no one nominated me for this but I was reading one done by EmilyBurnsMUA and she nominated anyone who wanted to do one, so here I go...again. (p.s. [...]