Essence ‘All About..’ Palettes Swatch Tested

For those who don’t know, Essence is a very affordable drugstore brand (I find them at ULTA.) I didn’t know about the brand until I watched a favorites video on youtube and in the video they mentioned Essence’s Nude Highlighter. I had to try it out because it is only $3…and all in all it is wonderful!

Skip to this last black friday. I was browsing ULTA and their sales and found these eyeshadow palettes for like $1.50 each and thought ‘why the hell not.’ Yes, that was months and months ago…I am not someone who wears eyeshadow everyday or really that much at all. Therefore it has taken me a long time to try them and really use them. While moving recently I saw them again and wanted to actually start to try them. I will also say that most of the colors are cool tones which I normally don’t use so that was another weird mix for me.



These palettes have a lot more shimmers than I thought at first. Which makes it kind of difficult to do a full look with them but still I tried my best as much as possible.

All About Bronze was the first one I tried since it had more warm toned colors which I lean towards and it looked super summery to me. Right off the bat I have to say the feel is a little bit chalky but once I got like the first layer off the top it was so so buttery to the touch.



I think that these colors are really beautiful and the pigment was great! But they are all shimmers so it would be hard to do a full look with this palette.

All About Toffee was the next palette I tried because the colors really intrigued me. It has a soft pink along with some brown colors that I thought would look beautiful. It also seems to have a very nice base color. This palette seemed to be a little more velvety than buttery (if you know what I mean, I know that is very confusing.) However, this palette was not all shimmers like the Bronze one and I found that the mattes do not have as much pigment.


All About Nudes became the most disappointing to me. The formula still felt very nice but there was barley any pigment to the colors since most of them were light and matte. It seems that the darker and more shimmer the shadows have the better their pigment was for some reason. This is the palette out of these four that I would not at all recommend…not worth it. Numbers 4 & 8 also had a very rough feel to them which was not the case with the other shimmers in the line or the mattes in this palette.


All About Roses may have been my favorite. It is a really close race between this one and the Bronze palette. They both have good pigment and some of the prettiest colors I have seen. The formula was also consistent through the palette unlike the Nude one which had some chalkier shadows in it. Number 4 in this palette is my favorite shade from this line. It is dark but it shimmers so nicely and I will find a place to wear it…it is perfect!!


I think that overall, for the price, these palettes were really great! Once again I would not recommend the Nude one but the other three have a great feel and some really great shades. Although not all have a ton of pigment the ones that do look amazing. Also, I think with some fix plus there could be a big difference in how the shadows come out.

Let me know new things to test out!!

Bye Lovies!!


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