Cleaning Out my Purse

I am someone who throws in all the makeup I may ever need as well as anything else I used to get ready in my purse. This tends to leave me with a very over packed purse that I can never find anything in, but I still never make the time to clean it out. Well, today was the day that I finally made that time and went through my nightmare of a purse.


Please ignore how old and ugly my purse is…it has seen better days. One of the main reasons for me cleaning it out is that I ordered some new purses and it is far past time to throw this one out. My pets have chewed it up and there are stains everywhere, it is time to say goodbye. Ha Ha.


Here is everything all together. Most of this stuff I do not even use daily…it is just in there from other days passed. It looked like a lot less once I actually got it out of my purse but still theres quite a bit there. I spared you all the crumpled papers and wrappers that were stuffed into there as well.


Makeup: This is all of the makeup that happened to be in my purse…a little too much for a touch up in my opinion. Why in the world do I need four different liquid lips in order to touch up makeup I already have on. Why do I need a full foundation palette in my purse?! Who knows!! I do like being able to touchup my mascara and bronzer throughout the day as well as spray my face with setting spray. Things I will put in my next purse:

  • Powder Brush
  • Bronzer Brush
  • Physicians Formula Butter Bronzer
  • Almay Mascara
  • Milani Setting Spray
  • Chapstick


Jewelry: For some reason I end up collecting jewelry in one of my purse pockets. I never need it…I have never left the house and needed a necklace or earrings on the go. none of these will be put in my new purse, they will be put in my jewelry box where they belong.


Hygiene: Sorry, I know…tampons in a picture OH MY GOD. But I always have them in my purse and I am so sure so many other people do as well. I also always carry extra deodorant and perfume in my purse because you never know when you may need that. In addition I always like to have dramamine since I get motion sick very quickly as well aa peppermint essential oil for my headaches. This is actually all stuff that I will be keeping in my purse for years to come.


Everything Else: This consists of my wallets, glasses, random nail polish, bobby pins, usually my brush, and tea for some reason. This is the stuff that I either reach for daily or just throw in a forget all together. Things I will put in my next purse:

  • Wallet
  • Glasses

As you can see I am going to try putting minimal things in my next purse…I guess we will see how long that lasts…

What are your purse essentials?

Bye Lovies!


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