Baby Animal Love in Southern Wisconsin

This is very unrelated to what I normally post but I guess I can get by with saying it goes in my travel section… :). It will also brighten your Monday Morning hopefully! This past Saturday there was an event at a local pumpkin farm/farm for meeting, feeding, petting, and playing with all of their new baby animals and of course I had to go.

Saturday morning I woke my boyfriend up and dragged him to stare at baby animals with me for almost two hours…but hey no regrets here. Long story short I got some adorable pictures while there and I thought who wouldn’t want to see them.

FIRST UP…BABY PIGS!!! I have always had a deep love for pigs (one reason I do not eat meat other than chicken). I think they are an extremely intelligent animal and they are so easy to train and are just beautiful animals. Well when I saw there were two tiny babies here I was so excited and honestly watched them sleep for so so so long.

There was only one baby Llama..or Alpaca…I really wasn’t sure. But the parents were there too and they were just as cute. The baby had such big eyes!!! I don’t think I had ever seen a baby one before but it was cute as can be! And they loved the food we bought even though they got slobber all over us.

The sheep were all tired because, lets be honest, its a lot of work being so cute all the time. They were all cuddled up in the shade though and still loved to be pet as much as possible. The one I got a close up picture of started talking to me for a while as well :).


The baby cow was tired as well but she was having a great time watching everyone still. Cows are another one of my odd favorite animals because they are so so sweet and honestly just like dogs.


There were only about 3 baby ducks but they were so cute!! They were also very curious so they were hard to hold but I managed to get one good picture of this baby.


The baby chicks were also in the same area as the baby ducks and there were a million of them. My favorite thing was to watch them run around with each other because they still didn’t have the balance thing figured out and kept knocking each other over accidentally. They were very calm once picked up though, so fluffy and sweet!


I don’t know about you but I really love all animals and baby animals just up the excitement. Hope you enjoyed this sweet little post, Happy Monday!

Bye Lovies!!


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