Shoe Collection: Part 1

I was originally planning on doing a complete shoe collection…then I realized I am in the process of moving and only have about a third of my shoes with me and unpacked. Plus if I were to do a complete shoe collection it would be far too long of a post and I didn’t want to bore you with a long read.

These are the shoes I end up wearing on a day to day basis so you are basically seeing my favorites in this post. Pretty much all of them are very affordable which I know people love as well. I must warn you that some of these are very well worn and it might be time for me to get new ones.

So first up I have my fun and comfy vans. The galaxy ones were the ones I really wanted but there was a sale so I bought the crazy detailed ones as well. They are so comfy and I always get compliments when I wear a little more crazy shoes.

Here are my two most worn pairs of shoes ever. It is warm out now so these flip flops are my go to, I think I got them at payless but they are the American Eagle brand and they have lasted forever. The grey sketchers are my work out shoes. I have had them forever but they are so comfy and they didn’t start falling apart until the last few weeks so why would I buy new ones!?

These three are my go to summer/spring heels. The blue ones are wedges that are beyond comfy and are so easy to walk in (I cannot remember where they are from). The middle ones are from Shoe Dazzle and are the most beautiful mauve nude pink that matches everything! The last ones have been ruined on the inside by fake tan and dirt, etc. They are Christian Siriano but I got them at least four years ago.

My three holy grails of shoes…black heels. The ones on the far left are I Heart Comfort and I can wear them for 10+ hours without even getting sore feet. The middle ones are once again Shoe Dazzle and have velvet straps that go around your ankles and are so beautiful. The last ones are from Nine West and have an ankle strap and a cutout near the heel which I find very cute.

These are my two favorite booties for year round. The maroon ones are from steve madden and are short but the most beautiful and comfy shoes I own. The black ones are from Just Fab and are an open toe high leg bootie but they are amazing and comfy as well.

I tried not to make this post too long since this is only the first third of my shoe collection. But I hope you liked it, let me know if you would like to see the other two parts!

Bye Lovies!


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